LowMobbed Friday

I see the instagram fridays done so much on other blogs that I go for a LowMob Friday instead. It's a fun photoapp that you can get on the Iphone too. I sticked to the photocard (1,2,3) variety for this format:

1. It's a bit of a cliché but I love Diptique and I prefer the travel candle in case I really want to travel. I often find hotel rooms lovely but to get that homely feeling can be difficult, so if you bring the scent-memory of your home to your hotel-room it makes it easier to feel cozy.

The peonies I  bought after seeing them on Lateafternoon. I am a lousy representation of a Dutch woman for not liking flowers in the home (but I love them in nature) and they hardly survive my lack of flower-fingers but I figured that these were too lovely to pass.

2. Sales: I could't resist the Shopbob extra 15% off. They're shoe-gasmic, I can already tell you that.

3. The classic: Sushi.
Healthy food and still tasty: that's why they are classics.

4. Digging up the harems
This one has some memories: they are my Gasolina-pants! The last time I wore them were with my ex on a holiday to Jamaica in 2010. We were going from Negril to Kingston and I needed some slackness in the pants-department (I hope they still looked iri enough). Anyway, the ex decided to put Diesel in our rental car. You might guess it was a Gasolina car and we were stranded in a smaller Jamaican village for 2 hours and everyone in the village maked fun of the two white people from Europe who put Diesel in the Gasolina car (but they were so lovely to help us for not that much cash, so don't believe the tourist tales that they are only after your cash because there some lovely people over there).

5. Snarkycards on etsy sells these: 'nuff said!

6. Sale too:
Yep, how can I give out advise on bikini-shopping and not taking them myself. I finally bought my wishlist Pucci on sale: they can match my headband.


  1. lovely photos!
    i spot dyptique there!

    style frontier

  2. Nice pictures! I love sushi

    xoxo Sootjeelina

  3. lovely recap post, and great photos. the sushi is making me hungry :) i can never resist sales either!

    xx rae

    would love for you to stop by! http://www.loveforschoolgirl.net/

  4. What a great post! :-)

    A chic kiss ;-)

  5. what a cool blog - i love this so much! great post :)

    - katie

  6. Beautiful and unique pictures, can't wait to see more!


  7. Those little greeting cards are soo cute! :) I definitely want to get some of those!

  8. hahahhaa aah nooo Didn't know I had a stalker haha!
    have a nice weekend babe!