The Loo (a Dutch palace)

Cape Dress: COS. Bag: Zara (similar),  Bangles: Mulberry. Shoes: Chloë (super discounted)

Most of the time the connection with the Dutch Royal family is with celebrations (eg Queensday), which explains me posing like a mad celebration in the last two photos.

LowLuv ring with a royal -like emblem 

(not of any country/family/etc as far as I know, but I think models are the new nobility so this one is from the Erin Wassun-clan)

I'm going to leave the outfitted posts for what it is for a while; The sort-of-fashionblogging part has been a sort of personal project to actually get the feeling of what it actually is to put yourself online with a specific outfit. I only witnessed it from others and never thought I could overcome my shyness to do it myself. I have gotten some really sweet comments and had loads of fun with it (see above), even though I know I don't do the standard poses (I just cannot do sexy in a serious way...). The most difficult to put online were the leather-clad outfits: I once heard a blogger (fashionsnag) talking about her 'leathercrowd' and I really wondered if the post would be visited more if I put something leather-outfit on. It actually did, but, exactly as my hypothesis, these are probably not the kind of persons who would comment on it. Unfortunately I finished university a while ago otherwise I would love to have put my experience and interview others on this new form of social communication in a research essay.

I'm still surprised by the world of fashionblogging, fashion and the (hidden) rules behind it: the issue of weight, the aspect of inclusion (based on weight, hair,  coolness and social proximity) and exclusion from it, the enabling between bloggers, the influence of commercial shops on promoting their products via giveaways, etc. Even though there is the argument that 'real people' fashionblog, I have the feeling that the standards of being thin, gorgeous & young are still seen as the golden standard. Also, the question of being fashion enough. I have to reverse the statement that Anna Della Russo has on her blog that my goal was never to be fashion in the way that is fashion these days. My goal is to have a wardrobe that I feel good about and has an element of surprise that matches my personality. I mean, fashion is a reflection of the zeitgeist and if this zeitgeist is about skinny people wearing lots of armwear and having dark roots with blonde ends than that is what this time is about, but I don't feel obliged to go that direction if that isn't appropriate for me. Fashionideas change: two years ago strong beauties such as Freja Beha Erichsen were de rigueur whereas in S/S 2012 fragile women with pouty lips like Lara Stone are seen as fashionable. Perhaps next year another type will be on the foreground as most fashionable.

Sorry about this 'declaration' but that is just something that I am about...It's not that I say I will never put an 'outfitted' post up online again but I consider myself and the blog to be more rounded than merely focussing on outfits, otherwise I wouldn't have called the blog Mlle Wanderlust right?


  1. I love your outfit, the dress and attitude go together so you should keep on posting outfits, don't give up just because people don't undertand certain things. kisses

  2. I love your dress, you look so gorgeous in it! Nice post.

  3. Oh my God…This is so so cool. Your blog totally rocks!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  4. your dress is amazing!!!! love it !

  5. Cute dress!

    PS: I want to invite you to giveaway on my blog of 100$ in ROMWE. I wait for you!