Update on earlier hairplans: the *meh* Pink

I kinda bragged too much about venturing in a coloured state of mind, or hair over here.

My result is this:

Ok, not too bad but not Charlotte Free bright head either...

I actually done all the things on the tutorial and let that smelly, blue bleach-stuff marinate and destroy everything that is natural about my hair for hours.

It didn't really work and I do not even have any Henna in: I think my hair just resists being really blonde...:D. Afterwards I plunged some of La Riche Directions Pale pink in for 1 hour and it resulted in some kind of dishwater strawberry pink.

So I bought myself some ><((((o> fishplaid braided <*)))-{ ones instead

I bought them from Etsy from a shop called Lawless & Lulu: quite the rebel name!

I think Mint is going to suit me better anyway.

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