Festival: Benicassim

pretty in toile dress & tropical jumpsuit

my pretty tent
I'm not good at the herring thingy

drying  my fake-dipdye after a shower

drying the 'We are Handsome'

concert 1st night

Going to a festival close to the beach was one of those things I had on my wishlist before-I-reach-a-specific-age. Truth is, I felt already too old or sometimes too young for this thingy (maturity comes in different forms and lacks sometimes too).

Instead of the beach (a walk too long on my high-heel tarnished feet) I was able to dwell in my inner-childhood by going to a water-amusementpark. I stayed at the festival for one day and a night and left the day after. It was quite the experience and I was reminded why I prefer hotel rooms over tents, and experienced for the first time why longer-day festivals aren't really my piece of cake.


  1. Looks super fun!!!

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    ox from NYC!

  2. Amazing! I totally envy you for this experience. I wish we had these too in Philippines. Well, we do. But I haven't experienced it :( You have great photos!

    ♥ Megann of Style Surgery

  3. this is so cool! I have never done something like that... and I'd love to!

    xxx Ros.e.