This must probably the most passive pic I ever put online, but I'm a lazy peoplewatcher if there are couches or hammocks around...I actually prefer the graffiti over myself in the photo, but the contrast of the black/white and the trousers were kinda cool, so don't mind me  being in that super pair of jeans

(new jeans ♥ AG: they actually stay tight and they don't give buildersbehind-booty that some skinnies can give).

I was wearing these AG Adriano Goldschmieds Ikat jeans this weekend on another short but invigorating visit to London. There was a LGTB festival, London Pride, going on so there were even more fashionable people to watch than usual: I saw a lot of pointed brogues in all kinds of colours on men. Women are looking fashionable too in Isabel Marant-like clothing, although I couldn't tell from most of them if they fancy other women just because they walk together or wear tomboy-chic, it has gotten more mainstream these days.

I am pro-love so everyone who likes another that doesn't fall in the hetero-normative structure should be able to show their affection. I mean, who cares if a man doesn't fancy women or a woman doesn't care for men, or a person just likes long legs whether they are hairy or shaved...Perhaps some women would prefer their collection of shoes over any man if they had to choose. After all, what is normal these days?

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