The Garance

I love and slightly collect bikinis but I haven't been able to track a really zesty bathingsuit yet. I always admired the aesthetics of Lisa Marie Fernandez swimwear and I got even more enthousiastic when I saw one of her design on this cool/beautiful wine-harvesting girl Michele Ouellet in California (she's wearing the Natalie in this post and her wine harvesting blog is over here)

Funnily, because my new surfer-inspired suit is called The Garance, Michele has been featured on Garance Dore's blog twice as well (here & here). And one of Garance's post is on Lisa Marie Fernandez' as well (here)

Ok, now my swimming suit that is probably going to look slightly less fab on me than on her, but I loved it for it's surfer aesthetics. And finally Net-a-Porter had an extra discount on this one, making it still too expensive but good enough  :).

They don't have this one but they have the Natalie in silver (here)...

It can double up as a lipstick red (yes, there I am again with lipstick red) bodysuit and that gives some zest to my brunette nice-girl persona...


  1. Love the red-lipstick reference! Totally spot on! And the blogs you've name-checked are so cute - need to have myself a new follow!

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    MB x

  2. omg so so cool!

  3. I do wish we had more/nicer beaches and pools in Canada because I've found myself with a slight swimsuit obsession too! Though it's not as great when I wear them less than 5 times a year...


  4. looks like a great bathing suit! i really enjoy your posts so far...if you like my blog too, do you want to follow each other? xoxo jess