London compilation I

I wanted to go back to London in this specific time of the year before the Olympic games will be launched. I visited some new places I was wondering about how they would look (and all the other five senses) in real life.

1. The way to London I went with a more expensive airline, only for a cheaper fare. I arrived quite close to the city of London and, GASP, free breakfast! When you are used to the cheap airlines you have to pay for every extra. Anyway, the public was a bit snobbier this flight.

2. Hackney view from hotel: I actually booked a room at Universityrooms here but nobody in Hackney knew I was talking about. It wasn't an expensive room (€34) but it kinda sucks when you loose that money and probably have to pay a lot more because you haven't compared rates/booked in advance. I had to look for another one in a city that has the Olympics on (and later I found out the London Pride as well). But eventually it wasn't too pricy for it's service and view.

3. So many streetart projects in London! I made tons of photos and only put on a tiny bit on instagram. There will be more!

4. The Olympics in Advertisements: I don't know this particular athlete but  This is Paul Gascoigne: he is licking his lips over here (not really visible, I will put up some bigger photos soon),

5. Another lazy hammock-er! I'm not the only one who launches around when something active is going on...but if the music is mellow...

6. Yeh, finally to London Chinatown for the first time after my 10th (?) visit of London! Such an inspiring place.

7. The LBGT (I hope I get the right order on these letters) London Pride: Rainbow balloons. This is in that musical area: I'm not really into musicals; too much going on. I either prefer theatre alone (without singing) or a concert.

8. Gorgeous Rihanna advertisement for Vita Coco Coconut water. That stuff is too expensive over here and in London about half cheaper. I like that drink, though and it supposed to be massively healthy.

9. As I said, back with the cheapies with the not-so-snobby public: I had an apple for dinner I brought myself :-)


  1. i love all those pictures *_*

  2. London is great!!!



  3. I envy you, can't wait to get there in 2 weeks, kisses

  4. Ahh hope you had such a lovely time here in London. I am dreading the Olympics haha, it's going to be so busy everywhere!

    P.S. The guy in the picture is Paul Gascoigne and he's a footballer but he's also mad!


  5. Lovely blog dear!!

    Would be great if you visit me too :)

  6. lovely photos hun! london looks so great! I'm super excited to start school there this fall!! hope you're having a fabulous time!! Can't wait to go check out all the street art!

    Ginger and Lace

  7. i love london so much! i lived there for 4 months last summer and it was amazing! cool you got to go back :)

    p.s. love your blog - so cool! now following. hope we can stay in touch :)

    - katie

  8. There is a lot of street art in London! Is photo 3 an example of ROA's work? I like that a lot! I am quite addicted to coconut water! Next time, come and visit Ridley Road..I will take you for a pint if you like that kind of thing!

  9. Oh, I love London! I'm so jealous of you. xx

    - Victoria

  10. amazing post!

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  11. i LOVE london but especially now it7s very expensive, right?

  12. Sounds like a wonderful trip to one of my favorite cities! And lucky you to get free breakfast on the plane!

    xo Mary Jo

  13. awesome pics! looks like it was an amazing trip!

  14. cool picts! love your blog! Great ideas and posts. Come by and let's follow each other;) xx

  15. wow these are great pictures of London!