Paris on Wheels

The enigma of Paris is strong, something enabled by imagery, the occasional Hollywood tearjearker film or, indeed...fashion blogs and designers like Isabel Marant.

However, it sometimes limits looking beyond the dreamy Seine and the portrayal that Parisians love to keep up for getting their tourist-dollars (and euros) coming in.

Paris has different sides...I love it's sporty and active side.

I have attended the Paris Fridaynight skate parade in 2003 and in 2010. I still receive their emails every friday where they explain the route they will be taking. 


For this you need:

  • Pair of inline skates (obviously) or being really good on your rollerskates or skateboard. Some expertise skate-youngsters from Paris (& banlieu-suburbs) really are and you will probably stare at their daredevil skills while trying to balance yourself
  • be at the Paris-Montparnasse train station at (I think) 22.00 on fridaynight (when weather is dry enough)
  • like to be surrounded by lots of people, some perhaps even clumsier than you
  • be willing to grab a stranger to keep you balance, or actually being grabbed by another for the sake of balance. Because, even if you are really good, it can be spellbinding to be at evening Paris surrounded by about 10,000 people at a busy night
  • have an average to good fitness level
  • I wouldn't advise drinking too much alcohol before. Do that afterwards in one of the parks or bars
  •  water or other liquid to keep you hydrated
  • daredevil character or, at least, not being scared easily
  • be handy with movement & your mobile when trying to snap pictures, and you probably will because this will go on facebook (or twitter, or all of the social medias you have): you really don't want to be clumsy and let it fall in the crowd. Otherwise, throw away camera!
I am not sure if I visit Paris this summer. Maybe next year but only with a good friend as skating in Paris is an experience to be shared and talked about later.

Read more information about them over here.

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