I realise I don't use the blog as a social podia anymore, although I attempt to visualise some aspect of sociality and have a slightly alternative message to the imagery I put on, but I was too disgusted to let this one pass (link here)

I would spare you the details of my stream of angriness I vented upon twitter lately, but this one has been quite summing-it-up

It's in Dutch so I allow myself to make a slightly softened translation of it, still being quite fierce. And is there a similar concept in language that has a similar meaning as 'valse nicht' has in Dutch?
It's a gay man who is false in his comments, has total bitterness against the world and masks his own insecurity by totally criticizing others all the time, often behind their backs (keeping the theme in line).

Translation: "Typically false gayness. Pippi with her cute face should spit Karl and his horrible head  directly in his face"

How does this reflect to me. Well, I had a similar insult masked as a compliment when I finally decided to put up my LWD with the detailing on the back (post here and comments below)

I knew it was an insult directly, but chose the elegant way of treating it as a
  1. compliment by thanking him
  2. saying that my front is actually quite good as well
 Totally, this aspect of women being downsided to their Good Parts and Not-So-Good parts is something women themselves collaborate in as well. But it is my own choice  if  pick out the skirt that accentuates my smaller waist but doesn't cling too much on my hips.

In the case of Karl and the other Karls out there, it is shuffed into our faces (or, in his case he would rather not go for the face) and we are simply insulted by someone else, not looking like the perfectly airbrushed and photoshopped models they work with all the time.

So if this opinion makes my blog too radical and not too-sweety-sweety-girly-wanna-pleasy? Please take the courtesy to unfollow me (easy steps over here).

I will still put the Outfitted online soon, but to quote Florence Welch in Blinding "I will never go back" or show it around anymore on the blog like I did. I like my front...period.


  1. Hoping that he will realize how negatively this press is going to affect his persona. It just reflects so poorly on the image of Chanel and it's too bad because I am am fan of his design work.

    xo Mary Jo

  2. oh god thats harsh. Karl was always good in being really direct. A no no in this way if you ask me


  3. Even if he does not like Pippa`s appearance, saying: I don't like the sister's face. She should only show her back." - is unapropriate. He has no idea about politness...