Lazio-ism and other (de-)shopping

My blog seems to be about travel and near-nude men lately, but no worries, I still like shopping.

One of my greatest surprises this week was seeing my coveted Isabel Marant's Lazio's in the largest departmentstore of or little country.

I was stunned how much I liked them. I saw them on Columbine's Smile and already thought of them as supergorgeous, but only fit for model-like calves and not the kind of legs I have.

However, with the not-so-boyfriend jeans I was wearing they looked even better than I imagined.

Gosh, how am I going to justify spending € 700 on a pair of boots?

Well, by selling my Givenchy Antigona (hopefully, but here's the link)

If you follow me you saw those ridiculously happy photos of me and the bag (here)
That was the fantasy 

Reality was: I wanted to hurl the bag to some people ridiculing me making photos with the tripod, and I disliked the fact I bought a bag that is not-really-me that I wanted to throw it in the canal afterwards. 
(that probably won't show on the photos...see, I'm a reasonable actress).

(I don't have angry-issues, btw, as long as the world is one sweet-soft-nice place. Ehm, yeh...my therapist says I'm in denial)

Anyway, I don't hate the bag anymore but I feel it's too cask-like and I feel too pretentious with this bag. It's just not love and I could make someone else happier with it. 


  1. it´s so cool and inspiring.

  2. Lol good luck selling it doll!
    I bet many girls want it!
    About your comment in my blog...
    come to Miami, it is beyond cool!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. I guess many girls, women and (because of the androgynous shape) some men would want it, so I am promoting it a lot. I have a couple of designer bags (Mulberry, Chanel, Chloe) but my relation with them is so much more loving. I should have gone for the more supple Nightingale when I had the choice, but Giselle in the promotion pic had me hesitating and so I bought this one, not so wise :/

  3. Great Givenchy bag!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  4. it´s so cool and inspiring.

  5. Great bag!!!

  6. I totally understand how you feel about the bag - it's gorgeous though! :)

    - Victoria

  7. love the boots. I wanted the fringe Isabel marant ones.. just too expensive. I got a pair like this in zara last year for £40 bargain lol

    gorgeous blog by the way !!