Giveaway: Anna della Russo for H&M

I'm going to leave the apple for what it is, and venture into slithering decadence by giving away one Anna Della Russo for H&M Snake bracelet. Vice and wisdom has never been more tempting...

My reasons for giving this precious away:

Simply a egocentrical reason for finally reaching the 100 mark of followers and getting the 'stamp of approval' for a semi-serious blog. I kinda grew with this blog and I just want more followers without having to ask if they'd like to: I just give stuff away, total bribe-hood!

Also, I can be nice person and I actually feel that I got a couple of fine things from the Anna Della Russo collection of the level of what the word 'exuberance' cannot even contain, I'll decide to send it to a fashion-addict and possibly a AdR-fan instead of back to the H&M.

What to do?
  1. Follow
And without the promise that I return the favour (I'm already giving you a great shot winning something). Google friends only: I am not a fan of bloglovin and let's not talk about twitter.

    2. Answer this question:

When would you plan to wear this for the first time?
(answering this question is not giving you a better chance to win, but I'm just curious and I don't want the giveaway be too easy on you) 

The giveaway will be going on until the 21st of October, 12.00 PM CET
winner will be drawn by random.org
Please add your email-adress for contacting you.

(all right, have fun trying to win..)


  1. Ik was niet zo'n fan van al het goud in deze collectie, maar wel een leuk idee voor een giveaway!


    POW! shirt giveaway on my blog!

    1. hehe, daarom geef ik hem ook weg: ik ben wel helemaal fan van de krokodil, maar dat is dan jeugdsentiment

  2. Anonymous12/10/12

    Thank you for your comment and for linking me to your giveaway.

  3. Thank you SO much for letting me know about this giveaway. The snake bracelet is actually my favorite piece from her line (along with the emerald necklace).

    When would I wear this for the first time?

    I think this is actually perfect for fall. Most of falls' color pallets are really 'dull', and this statement piece is perfect to elevate a look.

    Hope I win :D and congrats on reaching 100 followers :)


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  4. I'm following you now! So, I'm
    planing to wear it for my friend's
    party! I hope also you'll follow
    back, check out my blog!!


  5. love the bracelet!
    Really nice Give-Away!



  6. I would wear this to class the first day I get it or on a date with my man! I'm trying to reach the big 100 before I turn 20,too. I was planning a give away to celebrate, too. Great minds think alike!

    Amanda Rose

  7. Anonymous12/10/12

    Even though I'm deathly afraid of snakes.. This bracelet is incredible!! I would to wear it with a simple white tee and jeans and have it be the focus of the outfit. I wish I had somewhere really awesome to debut it, but it would probably just be wearing it to school :)



  8. Her H&M collection is so amazing!
    So happy for the giveaway!!
    I have many formal parties to join thus month and this bracelet
    is perfect for them!!


    with love


  9. I love anna della russo a lot and have been stalking her collection!

    To answer your question
    I would love to wear it to events, parties or maybe a day out with my girls. Her pieces are so unique and outstanding and it surely gets you some attention. Just pair it with a simple black dress, it will make you stand out in the crowd. The baby blue and gold on the bracelet is so special and edgy at the same time. Anywhere is a good place to rock this bracelet!!


    xox, carolyntay.blogspot.com

  10. me encanta esta colección, pero en mi ciudad ni esta colección ni ninguna de colaboración llega... muchiiiisimas gracias por este sorteo!
    esta pulsera es preciosa! la primera vez que la llevaría sería en una cena romántica con mi chico, combina perfectamente con un vestido color coral que tengo jeje
    nosotras ya somos viejas seguidoras tuyas ;)
    besitos y suerte a todas!

  11. o0o0o0o0 la laaaaa this bracelet is fabulous! i just adore it :) the colors and the shape! it would be so fun to wear with a simple evening dress... it would really stand out! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  12. I love Anna dello Russo. She is my style icon!! <3 <3 I would die for this bracelet!

    My boyfirend and I are planning to go to Paris for our 4th anniversary. I think that wearing this piece of jewelery on our romantic date there, in one of the cafes, would be sooo special. Those colors could match my every single dress. So just imagine this moment, when this bracelet is on my hand, we tap each others glasses of wine, and he is kissing my hand, gently looking for my joyful snake :)

    Kisses, Ewelyn

  13. Very nice blog dear!
    Keep up with the great work!


  14. Anonymous13/10/12

    I am following now! Great blog. Thank you for your comment on my blog, what a coincidence that I posted about Anna's collection as you did a giveaway?

    I would wear this bracelet (the first time) to a street style shoot I am planning. I would wear it with a completley minimalist outfit and this would be the only jewelry piece to make it stand out; I will probably be telling everyone I see that its from Anna Dello Russo for H&M's collection

    I look forward to hearing the results!



  15. can I just say I'm digging your vibe so much haha.. I'm not into twitter or bloglovin either..so cheers to you on that too... and how cool are you for giving away such a bracelet..I loved it and hate we dont have H&M here.. that's an insanely cool item..
    I think I'd wear it for the first time to a night out probably... not sure when but a friend's bday is coming up on the first days of november so maybe then.. with a cool cut-out black dress or maybe a red one.. yeah..I'd make myself a red one..'cause such color looks awesome when paired with turquois accents and that bracelet's got it//
    thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll keep in touch.. stay cool!

    1. oh yeah.. my info...

  16. hi that's a great giveaway. This is my fav combination of colors - blue and coral, although mostly i wear those in summer. The bracelet though will not stay in my closet until then, i would wear it with black or grey monochrome outfit.
    Thanks, Radmila, GFC name Radmila U, rada76@Mail.ru

  17. loving the bracelet!


    blog: www.aroundlucia.com
    shop: www.shoplumo.com

  18. So pretty!


  19. hola! acabo de descubrir tu blog y ya tienes una nueva seguidora te invito tambien al mio, una pulsera espectacular, realmente yo la usaria nada mas tenerla y no importa el look porque es ideal con todo!
    nick- Carmen
    email- carmentrujillopoveda@gmail.com

  20. Hi!

    •••••••••••••••••••••• I'm now following via GFC under: SAUCY | f. | BABY

    •••••••••••••••••••••• I'd actually love to win this bracelet for my sister. Her birthday's on 11/11 & I'd love to give this to her as a present since she loves bracelets! :)

    Thank you so much for the chance!

    saucy.baby21 [at] gmail [dot] [com]

    --- Nicole O.

  21. hi! i'm a gfc follower :) thanks your comments on my site btw!

    i loved/lusted the AdR collection for h&m but didn't get the chance to shop it...the first time i'd wear this bracelet is for a photo-shoot for The Beautiful Things! all black to make it pop with loads of other bangles!

    thanks! xx


  22. gfc- nagrade
    email- allthegiveaways [at] gmail [dot] com

    I'd wear it for my birthday

  23. gfc name:despoina telligiannidou
    i would probably wear it on a saturday night out with friends for starters because to be honest all my special occasions such as anniversaries,birthdays etc have passed.

  24. I follow via GFC! Name: Tina (and I agree with you about Bloglovin'...)

    Simple: if I won this bracelet, I'd wear it all the time. Starting with the outfit I'd be wearing when it arrived in the mail. Which would be my PJs. Not my prettiest look, but hey...who's judging?

    Thanks so much for this awesome giveaway!

  25. Wow this bracelet is so beautiful! I would wear it with a black bodycon dress, simple gold band bracelets and black studded ankle boots. I'd keep the outfit simple because the bracelet is so lovely :)

    I'm following via GFC under the name Alice. I'm glad to have found your blog and not just for the giveaway!

    aliceboullin@googlemail.com xoxo

  26. Oh, it's so beautiful!
    In November I have dinner with my former classmates, for thirty years and I do not see that it will be the occasion to wear this bracelet with my black dress.
    Thanks for the giveaway :D

  27. Great giveaway! :)

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  28. Well, I am a guy and this is supposed to be a bracelet for the girl, right? But since I am such a H&M collaboration crazed boy I already own the entire men's part of Marni H&M and Versace H&M line (and many pairs of David Beckham Bodywear boxers), I suppose I can start collecting ladies jewellery as well. And I would definitely wear this to the ELLE Fashion Awards gala in Belgrade on 31st of October. It's the first time this kind of award ceremony takes place in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. That snake ADR H&M bracelet would be such a glam eveningwear statement, even on a guy (well, especially on a guy!) completely unexpected with a proper black tie attire and Christian Loubotin spiked velvet slippers. The bracelet would glisten in the glitzy light, so everybody present at the party would pay attention to it. I would just lift my glass of champagne (matching the orangey golden tone of the jewellery) and enjoy the moment.

    Great blog, by the way! My email is radojcha@gmail.com