Marni for H&M pencil skirt for some Italian-ness, Zara top, Cos: bucket bag (sort of Givenchy Pandora small without the pricetag).  
Sorry, little focus because my camera needs fixing

I know I will get some raised eyebrows when I said I went to Sicily for business, but the only familia I have are Dutch people so don't worry. I had some time for play and I sure did have a good time. I was amazed because I had not the slightest idea it would be this beautiful and so unlike the other parts of Italy I have been. I told my friend that Sicily is my latest Island-crush (together with Jamaica which I haven't seen since 2011, I have long distance relationships with islands). I will show more photos from it soon.

Sergio, the guy who rented the apartment told me I was lucky with the weather, and I sure was with 24 degrees celcius at daytime. It was good enough for a swim in Mediterranean waters still warm enough to dive in. I finally had the chance to wear my Lisa Marie Fernandez Garance, because I gained a bit of weight on the right places since I bought it (the tatas) so I didn't look too much like Karlie Kloss unedited (link here)

I had a new girlfriend staying over; normally, I'm not into one-night stands, but she won me over with her hungry eyes. She stayed on the couch, though:

She was really affectionate, only a bit rough with her nails.

However, I'm still into men...there were some awefully goodlooking men racing around the island: I literary raced with one of them and he was massively surprised seeing a woman behind the wheel. And if the typical Italian bloke had good sense of dressing up, the Sicilian variety takes it up a notch. So fashion girls, get your new destination booked (ps: I haven't seen many Chiara's around there, but some women were fab dressers as well)

Anyway, it was wonderful!

Some music to accompany with it:


  1. I love Sicily!!!

  2. Great post!!!

  3. Love the Marni x H&M pencil skirt!! Looks fabulous on you :)

    xoxo, Ally


  4. I LOVE your skirt, it's so beautiful. Now I'm upset I missed the Marni collection at H$M... I just love printed/pencil skirts. I must get my hands on this somehow! www.roxthefox.com

  5. Ohh, you are lucky one to get business trip to a such beautiful place as Sicily. It's still on my "Top places to see" list. Have a nice time and get some sun kisses! :)

  6. Sounds AMAZING - and so do the men! haha!

    HANNAH †

  7. wow, so in love with your skirt dear!

  8. haha tideous Dutchies you say?)) lol, I'm going to become one pretty soon))
    love racing too! so you raced a Sicilian guy? wow))
    you look great! love your skirt!


  9. Sounds amazing- would love to see more photos!!
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  10. Any chance you'll be giving away this skirt? hahah :P

    *wishful thinking*



  11. You have a lot of pretty posts! I like how you edit your photos

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Pablo from fungiexpress.com

    Happy weekend!

  12. Cute Outfit. Like the Skirt.

  13. Love your skirt!

  14. Anonymous16/10/12

    loved this post!! I miss Sicily sooooo much!! <3 *


  15. Nice pictures...
    I will follow your blog...