5 Things that make me slightly unfashionable

1. Hair

My years of hair-perimentation eventualy left me for a need to have simpler hair without dipdye, highlights, extentions, bleach or the carefully-crafted curls that fashiongirls rock. My hair meets the blowdryer ever now and then, or the straightener, and a whole lot of hairmasks, ofcourse.

2. My jeans-preference

When in 2007 the skinny jeans returned I felt glad to try them on again. I also hoped they would pass in a couple of years.
Fast forward 2013 and they are still there. 
I don't mind a pair of skinnies every now and then but where are the flares, the bootcuts & the pencil shapes? My lower body likes to store a bit of curves and the skinnies are basically not the most flattering shape for a feminine pear-shape.
So more variety in the shops or online in jeans-choices would be good

3. Platform-Phobia

I'm already a 5.10" and the phrase "the taller the better" might work brilliantly during fashionweeks, but not for running to catch a train.
Also, disconnection! I love a high heel every now and then but the platform makes it feel like I loose connection with the floor beneath.

4. I'm not really into Starbucks

I love coffee and I love experimental coffees too with lots of sweet goodies swirled through, topped, infused, you name it. Starbucks has tons of these sweet, but oh so calorieinfused, potions. I might opt for the lowcalorie and soymilk infused option but that's like going into a sweetshop and taking the apple!

Come on,! Too much temptation, a wait too long and a price quite steep (that's in Holland, in other countries there are about $2 cheaper). There are other coffee-sellers just as good (especially when you go for a plain, caloriefree one anyway) and with less hassle.
Only, you will look less fashionable, but would I care?

5. I don't do seductive fashion-smiles
Pivovarova doing thé smile: can anyone  pronounce her last name?

I don't want to use the word manrepeller as the gorgeous Leandra coined this one perfectly. Actually, I don't want to repel any man because I like a couple of them and they can be really lovely. I just feel icky about the fashionsmile which doesn't come naturally to me.

I can smile in front of the camera, but it's seldom a seductive fashion smile.


  1. hahahaha do not worry...
    1- been there done that.
    3- Im not good in heels....nor platforms... just wedges, and good...not really good. And Im short!!! :S
    4- not a huge fan of starbucks... I always end up arguing with them.
    5- idem.


    1. hehehe, thanks for your excellent reply and confession... I like it when people can really walk in platforms but in reality I seldom see people walk really good in them, and sensuality is not only height and the biggest heels but a sensual walk and comfort too :D

  2. best list ever, i don't like starbucks either Xo Megan, www.TfDiaries.com