[Fashion hide]

Sorry for this fashion hiatus. You might not think this, but I'm quite a perfectionist about some things: I wanted that photoshopped perfection that some of the bloggers have and my photos just came out funny:

By lack of good photographers & photoshop, I'd just enhance my features with Loubous: it's that moment when a pointy nose looks haute enough (and saves me on red lipstick).

For the time being I totally wanted to adopt Baby Nightingale

And I'd gotten a bit more redhead that I had to pair up with a sultry stare:
dress: DvF
*Finally a pose that works: I've opted the slightly-tilted 'curious' eyes* instead of that slightly open mouth some people do, but that doesn't look so good on me in photos.

Preparing for the new king by this Jovoy Candle "Vive le Roy" (fr= long live the king)

I also found some cows on the beach:
Trousers: Topshop | Top: Isabel Marant etoile | Bikini: Pucci (No, I'm not topless!)
Who ran away from me: they must think my eyes looked too hungry and they'd become steak.

I really love these Topshop wide-legged trousers I wore in there as a hint to Oriental SS 13.

 The Marant you have seen before over here.

and I had to handwash them:

 that feels so unglamorous but when you like your fashion, you have to be gentle about them. 

As for my personal style: I've been wearing eclectic (cow/beach outfit), feminine (DvF) to classic French style.

 Or, mixing it up a bit!


  1. Love this post about your fashion philosophie, we don´t need tons of photoshop to look good, is better to be true and your first picture is amazing!

  2. Love this kind of post! Cow on the beach? I want to see them too!!

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  3. The DvF dress looks super cute and I love the hair <3



  4. love your candle !

  5. Nice post and pics! Love a little bit more red hair :)...and Loubous!!! Talking about hair - this colour is gorgeous and suit you so well :)