10 reasons I don't look like an old bat [yet]...

-Vanity talk-
MlleW old batt-iness dissected. Imagery: here
The thing about fashionblogging is that it sometimes makes me feel older because I actually am older than most of you. There are some women around of similar agegroup, but not that much. However, I probably do not look that old yet for European standards.

 1. Sunblock
My dear mum was all about [healthy] tan so she took me along to a tanning bed when younger, but NEVER do that. I think I would even look like 20-something if I hadn't, but a 'beach'-tanned look gave me some credits in highschool. Moreover, fake tan was really orange tango when I was 16 so faking was not the most believable option.
Deal is, I use high protection since my mid 20s and it shows when you compare me against my tantastic peers.

2. Smoke

None...I am that old that people were allowed to smoke in airplanes, so I co-smoked without smoking myself: I hated it ever since so that put me off for life.

3. Nice parents

You might think otherwise from the stories above, but mine were the hedonistic kind but they knew how to enjoy the moment between working really hard: better a shorter life fullfilled than a boring longer one! (So having fun keeps you young).

4. Stuff on my face:
"do not disturb: youth in progress"
I mean sheetmasks...And claymasks, and jelly masks...sometimes Venetian masks too.

5. Stuff off your face

Remove the makeup at night: if you still wanna keep up appearances: do it when he sleeps and do a "Bridesmaids" in the morning! But be honest at a certain time because he probably knew women before in their real appearance (If he didn't: how young is this dude??)

6. Working out:

Keeping the body tight makes you look younger and the cells get more oxygen so you look younger as well.

It has its limits: without good sleep I look like a frumpled bag, and not the cute Miu Miu matelasse.

In that case:
same h&m shorts as here| bikini: Havaianas for Oysho

Other bloggers have even better photoshop, but I am a bit too honest to go all enhanced.

Doing a Cousin It (aka hiding behind the hair) helps too:
Actually, I'm planning to write something about my insecurity about my face in a post called "women without faces".  I'm accepting mine somewhat lately, but it's not that I'm always happy about it.

7. Pizza
 "pizza on the beach"?
Actually I meant to say orgasms, but like they say "Just like pizza, there's no such thing as a bad orgasm". I got this debate on twitter if this saying was either orgasms or sex, and the dude answered both options were similar: That's the typical male response because women know the two aren't always included.

8. A silk Pillowcase:

I love a silk kimono to sleep in as well.

9. Dressing

Fashion: I don't like to dress up too old. Worse is to dress up too young so you actually look really old and midlife-crise-y. So the Romwe leggings are for running only, really!

I disagree upon some fashionrules: no leather jacket after 30? Geez, I got my first when I was 31! I think women of all ages can look amazing in leather jacket: Check Carine Roitfelt working hers or browse some of the Balenciaga versions on purseforum (here).

10. Food

All that Wheatgrass talk I did here, I still do that: I added Baobab powder, Udo's Choice oils and so much stuff I drink. Plus loads of water! I always need a toilet close to me.
all the stuff I have to drink...
I also eat ice cream and steak every now and then: Because Gwyneth might be chosen most beautiful woman by People's Magazine, but skipping meat hasn't really give her perfect dress-taste during last Met Ball:
Gwynneth dress was all the sugar she needed
So what have you skipped wearing [already] that you did earlier? And what do you consider too mature right now?


  1. ahah what a great article ! I feel "old" too compared to other blogger but don't worry, we're still ok ;)

  2. Totally agree with your minds and brilliant tips to make habits (note for myself)! Talking about my mistakes/style searchings I've done - no minis and shorts at my wardrobe compared to school years, but jacket+jean is something I like a lot over the last 5 years :) Yes, and this is my pure true - only over the year you start to understand what really suit you well.