Picknick [boy] 'n [girl]

Setting: Park (good weather)
People: girl 'n boy
Sociality: either friends, not sure, benefits, 1st date...but not that comfortable yet...
Deal: pretending to be cool & comfortable with each other

Ok, we've got the storyplot together and I start of with a set that I'm not used to: boy dressing. I'm thinking casual [surf] so the man will be wearing a logo tee that looks simple. Fact is that he got it from Colette so it's actually a big deal. Same with the shorts: he pretents he got it from the laundry basket but he's been trying all of them on for 1 hour: the paisley print says cool without being too fashionblogger.. I love espadrilles on both genders so there you go.

The bracelet is actually Hermès so the man's funded by his daddy (talking ideal date, right?) but he hasn't told you yet: "Poor little rich boy". He brought his laptop and mobile to make a [not so] casual picture of you two, because he's gonna brag about it online.

The blacket is neither too girly nor too masculine. You brought food, either the expensive Harrods featured, or your own Lidl mix: all's good! 

Play! Action brings friends together: so here's my beach-tennis set again (or boomerang, etc).

The girl: I'm romantic about picknicks so here goes the tea- dress with some cut-outs for a bit of sensuality. Or you say "sod it!! stupid dresses" & prefer jumpsuits. Also that jumpsuit is terribly cute when wearing it girly. 

Shoes: the girly girl loves to wear heels all the time, but she pretents to be practical so she'd wear [heels that pretend to be flats] in the latest metallic craze. Tomboys go for studs & flats. Both are interchangeable, ofcourse. So much freedom in women's dressing! As for your accessories, you probably have enough already so I won't list them this time.


  1. To answwer your comment : why are you shy, you look totally fabulous in that purple dress ! I wish I would see your cute face more often... But I undestand it's kinda scary, it took me a while to actually find the courage to do it... I was like "why would they need to see my face" or "they're gonna say mean stuff" (some did... but whatever !)
    Anyway I am a fan of the first shirt !!!

    1. Thanks babe, I totally love your face and blog because you aren't afraid to be therapeutic about it (telling lifestories etc). I'm gonna make a "women without faces" post soon & discuss it a bit :D

  2. Me encanta la selección!!

  3. Love the shorts and dungarees!

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  5. Cool!:)

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    A chic kiss ;)

  6. haha pretending to be cool...love that! love the *flat* silver metallic sandals! :)

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  7. Lovely post and selection! :)

  8. Should say this post is like a real story. Love the style you express your minds! :)

  9. Great blog! I love everything!

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  10. That Zara overall is just amazing! I was exactly searching for it today online and it's sold out here in Germany. :( SO sad, because it's so lovely! Kisses :) x

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  11. So in love with the dungaree :)

    Nice giveaway up on the blog! You can win a Vogue T-shirt :)