Once a Year, Go Someplace You’ve Never Been Before...

#Pinxtos @ #SanSebastian

San Sebastián had been on my travel-wishlist since last year. I totally passed the town during my South of France/Spain roadtrip so I had to visit it this year.

My goal: eating some Pinchos! Pinchos/Pintxos are the Basque variety of tapas and they are rumoured to be better. The ones I ate (above) were quite good: the bread spreaded with some seasoned tuna salad and the bal-thingy had a cheese 'n dow mixture.

I didn't go to a restaurant based on recommendations because sometimes I just like to discover something without guidebooks or online journals. Also, it's said that there are no bad Pinchos restaurants in San Sebastian and every one has their speciality.

They have a yearly festival too of Pintxos but I think you have to be really hungry to visit all bars: these two were already quite a mouth- & stomach-ful for me.


  1. espero que te hayan gustado los pinchos, están buenísimos!!!!!!
    mil besos

  2. Oh great dear! And that looks so yummy!

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  3. very nice!!:)


  4. In love with the quote of the title!

    That dish looks great, I want to go to San Sebastian as soon as possible!

  5. love that advice! i need to add it to my list of quotes.

  6. Cool discovery, I have been trying to go without guides in spain too but now I prefer to look for advice cause I am often falling in some touristic traps