Typically Dutch Autumn

Instead of the high fashion sets I usually do, I wanted to go for the more 'down to earth' Dutch variety. The stuff I was raised on,  or, actually the things that are quite the necessity over here during Autumn.

Een, you couldn't go around with huge storms and non-waterproof mascara. DejaVu is a brand that stays waterproof until you add lukewarm water.
Twee because most Dutch women feel the need to be casual and dressed at the same time: a sharp blazer will look good on jeans or with a dress, and this one can be paired with several items.
Drie because our mums will probably provided us with the flowers to make our home more cosy, or perhaps we bought them ourselves...Ofcourse in the colours that match Autumn.
Gloves will become a necessity soon with the colder weather, and what better option than Vier to get a pair in Vinyl: sexy & waterproof at the same time. I already got this pair : )
A bike, Duh. Vijf is in a sassy leopard print.
Zes, boots are a Dutch woman's staple! This Autumn the over-the-knee will be running around, but as the average Dutch woman wouldn't like to be too tacky. This pair still looks decent and is under 120EU; the stereotype. And to conclude with Zeven, an umbrella, but only a stormproof version from Senz.


  1. cool stuff.. the bicycle is amazing!

  2. this isn't a set of high fashion items, but these set makes a girl feel like they're living in an autumn spree or something like that, the boots, the gloves,the bike, the flowers, the make up, it just gives this really beautiful tone and sense of just, a chic getaway kind of feeling all girls want to fall in love wearing. I can totally see you in these set of outfits and goodies! (btw I just realized u commented 'Maladives in my blog, it's actually Maldives) xo

    The Photographic Sense Travels to Singapore is up on http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

  3. Great blazer and I would love to have a bike like that!

    wildflower girl
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  4. Your proposals for fall are very interesting, but that BIKE I need to say is something I will kill for, LOVE IT!

    1. Pablo, I'll personally bring that bike to Mexico if I can see your morning hair without a beanie...hehehe Kidding

  5. Leuke items!

    xx Mounia

  6. Love it <3 Great items <3 :)
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  7. Indeed a perfect typically Dutch outfit! Love the fact that you used the senz° umbrella! At the moment we do not have the zebra zoo in stock...but wait untill you see our new collection! Are you exited as we are?

  8. This makes my heart skip a little! I want to ride a cream coloured bike with flowers and wear an oversized blazer with thigh highs...