Vanity Friday: My Current Faves

1. I have owned the Clarisonic MIA for about 2 years: The motorized brush is aimed to prevent the face from ageing and diminishes the sizes of your pores. Nice.

2. My first Unearthed Cuff in monochrome Snakeskin.

3. Intelligent Nutrients Harmony Shampoo: I've lost my intelligence so I try to shampoo some new in my scalp again. I wish, but I prefer a natural shampoo as my scalp is sensitive and it's perfect for all those highlights that need softness.

4. Highlighter powder: this one is Goddess from Rouge Bunny Rouge. Or...Brush on, & I'm gonna channel my inner Giselle with my created (cough) 'natural' cheekbones.

5. Michell & Peach Shower Gel: I love fresh & natural scent when showering. This bottle is so minimalistically pretty as well.

6. Balenciaga obsession: this one is from last year's collection in Cassis.

7. YSL Belle de Jour wallet also from last year...Coins, lipstick & other tiny elements to tote around in my bag.

8. YSL Le Rouge Vernis. Longlasting lipcolour with a glow: perfect for plumping my smaller lips so I do not have to do those scary lipfillers (yikes)

9. Too many nailpolishes: my faves are from Essie and Dutch brand Herome

10. Armani Cosmetics Maestro Fusion Foundation: I like to look like I have really good skin instead of a foundation-face.

11. Prada Infusion de Tuberose. Tuberose looks like such a dainty, white flower. In fact it's quite heady and seductive. Prada perfumes make some excellent blends without going too expensive.


  1. This is so cute! My faves too!

  2. Great selection of products, by the way I gotta tell you: you are very organized, congrats on that!

  3. What do you think about YSL lipstick ? It kinda burns my lips o-O