Marant- the haul

Last thursday I went for the easy option by trying to order some Marant 4 H&M online.

* I gotten the shoes I was really after: they looked so deliciously studded in real life, but I returned them as they are slightly too tight around my upperfoot *

*The belt is so well-made and an original addition to my bohemian wardrobe = Score! *

*The monochrome knit felt like being a crossover of a sumo-wrestler and a pandabear. Omg, I do not like oversized sweaters as I work out to maintain a waist/hourglass figure: So why swamp it by ridiculously large sweaters? *

* I also got the scarf that I kind of like but I do not really love it. It is supposed to be silk but I miss the supersilky feeling: I'll keep it as I did not have any bohemian red scarves so far : ) *

Did you 'score' and how do you feel it lived up to your expectations?

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