on putting on a Sunny Face

A while ago I posted this picture with a reference to bullying. Something like "People who have been bullied never forget" or the likes of that. In a way, most people have had a certain degree of bullying in their life. And honestly, most of us have been 'teasing' someone too. I'm guilty of both.

When I was on this blog, I noticed the references to me "perhaps not being born a woman". As said in my last post: I'm a Dutch 'farmer's' girl, but I'm certainly been born female. You should meet me and my moody behaviour every month! Unfortunately, my hands seem to be a reference to that thought: I'm just not having small and dainty hands, that's all.

On the picture above I seem to be hiding behind a cuuuuute Monki bag. So all the pseudo-psychologist might refer to me "hiding my insecurities behind shopping" etc etc. For me it is putting on a sunny face. We are often told that "honestly is the best policiy", but believe me, I can be way too honest for your likes. I like my fashion, makeup, hair and outfits to say something about me: how I feel that day. Sometimes I'm a bit of a character, on other days I feel more secure about going neutral.

I think there is a lot of pressure on having a beautiful face these days: instagram-wise. And if we deny putting on regular #selfies, we are supposed to be shy. If we put on too many, we are either too arrogant or perhaps too insecure (asking for constant likes). As for the older girls, if we decide to get old gracefully, we are not in the game anymore. But if we ameliorate our features, we will get the Renee Zellweger scrutiny.

In all ways, we are all beautiful if we behave beautifully. But then, not really. The fact that I mingle well with beautiful people is not that I am one myself but that I share similar personality with them: slightly bitchy but still pretending to be an angel. There should be an instagram-filter for that as well, the Dorian Gray filter.

Have a happy 2015 with either a beautiful inside or outside, or just have good money on you ;)

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  1. the Dorian Grey filter... that's interesting...
    culture now is crazy... I gotta admit I'm not so fan of selfies.. I mean, yeah take a picture of yourself and share it..that's coo!.. but there are limits... people that post the abs photos in the bathroom, the selfies in underwear.. showing their boobs or the face close-ups making ridiculous sex faces, ughh..some instagram accounts are so self centered, makes me vomit... I vote for the Dorian Grey filter! (I think I wanna draw that!)..
    There is a lot of pressure of having a beautiful face and body these days in deed... I'm my worst bully.. I'm so insecure about the way I look.. we should all just accept ourselves but it is hard.. and some people should do the opposite and become a bit more humble... like, yeah you are pretty but don't get over yourself.. one day, that face, that ass..won't be there.. we all age.. might as well acknowledge that... I like the idea of getting old gracefully as well.
    cool post.. you gave me a bunch of stuff to think about.. happy new year sunny face :) cute bag btw