Going to a chapel, baby...

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You might be fooled and think this is one from the old times, were it not for the cyclist on the left with his headphones on and completely wired up. That is why I left him there without cutting/photoshopping him out.

Somewhat I believe marriage is a bit of wishful thinking and if you buy into that dream the best thing to do is in a vintage manner, complete with horse and carriage.

These almost or newly weds did that, and the surroundings suggest that there is still a lot of modern times going on.

It makes me guess, seeing brides and grooms: will they opt for an old-fashioned idea of marriage (by attempting to go for monogamy) as the horse and carriage suggest or will they be more prone to the alternative idea of togetherness?

What do you think: do you think that people who are complete swingers are not really entitled for a sweet and old-fashioned style wedding or is it just the idea behind it? Or the other way around, are the monogamists not really entitled to give out a modern party in Ibiza complete with male-poledancers and the likes (only for the guest whereas they will only 'indulge' in each other)?

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