my first leather pants

Sometimes you just have to take the plunge when buying something online of an item you never ventured upon before.

To me, that was a pair of leather pants.

Neither had I tried Rag & Bone before.

However, leather-expert Jacqueline (the same fashiongirl with the shoe-expertise I admire) branded this pair as the best leather pants you could get. She has tons of them, so she must know what she is talking about. So after lots of hesitating I bought them, even though, on sale, they still were massively expensive to my liking.

So there you go: I own my first pair of leather pants that are of the prettiest brown colour (slightly copperish) ever, fit like a excellent pair of jeans and have nothing of that slightly tacky appeal that some leather pants might have.

But they still are quite sexy, when you can find the subtle sexiness in them.

They will probably be my only pair of leather pants for a while. I do have some leather skirts, though, but normally they are more affordable ;P

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