recap 2011

I have to be honest that 2011 wasn't a good year.

Still, to keep it positive, I've learned a lot...

First, my very first: TRAVEL...I was able to travel a lot. To me, almost mandatory because I really didn't like to be in Holland.
One of my better moments in Brazil: being able to go to Rio de Janeiro.

Ideally, it would be the place to celebrate NYE tonight, but I have to do with Holland for a while

Secondly, getting even more fashion-savvy

You notice the words 'even more', which I placed down intentionally. I already knew my fashion from years of reading Vogue's etc and watching the fashion scene.

This year I encountered the fashionblogger-pack.
Weirdly, I noticed I found them to be, in general, too conventional.

They reminded me of the highschool-pack...some of the Alpha-bloggers decide what is ít (mentioning Chiara, Bryanboy, etc) and the rest simply do a bit of copycatting in a slightly different manner. Everything devoid is considered non-fash (for example, my icon Jacqueline got a lot of flack being dressed too sexy, something she mentioned in a video).

Which made me think, I thought fashion is about originality and inventiveness.

Still, I can find this element in fashion, only not so much with the fashionbloggers...quite a contradition.

But my favourite fashionmoment was London Fashion Week...Known as the least conventional Fashion Week, I was glued to the continuous video-streams from LFW.

One of my favourites...Mulberry...conventional and unconventional at the same time...

and the hair? Loved it...I even had bleached green dipdye for a while, but got sick of them (how dry my hair got with that stupid blonde bleach)

About fashion, I noticed to get more fashion-savvy by venturing on newer brands...for example, I noticed I don't like fashionblogger's fave Acne that much. Neither does Thakoon or Alexander Wang do it for me.

On the other hand, Current/Elliot (designed by women for women, ofcourse) is a recent favourite. Similarly I'm drawn and like the things I got from Miu Miu, Equipment, and I already had Chloë since 2007 so I know I liked that one too. Funnily, I am mostly drawn by brands that are designed by women for women, because they know how to handle a bit of curves as they have them themselves too.

So, not the best of years, but it was good to find out what I like and what I absolutely do not like :)

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