Mr. Isabelle Marant

I wonder what it would be like to be know as "the husband of"...

Every fashionista and not-so-fashionista has heard of Isabel Marant but the designer skills of her equally talented husband are the lesser known.

Jerome Dreyfuss is probably most known for his bag designs. French fashionistas know his brand a bit more than the rest of the European crowd, although some rich-&-famous have been spotted with his bags as well.

I'm a bag-junkie: I adore bags in many shapes...I sometimes prefer the tinier ones, because I can downsize my junk-on-the-road.

So my curiosity for a bag from 'the husband of' was finally cured when theoutnet had a 20% discount on the already marked down Twee Mini.

Corally goodness in perforated leather: it's the kind of bag I like and so incredibly detailed with lockers, studs and zippers all over.

Don't let the large picture above fool you: this is a sweet Mini that is almost the size of a cosmetic pouch. However, it's what I said before, I really like this size for travel purposes and easy style.

Oh, and did I mention they look like an awefully cute (French) couple? No? see for it yourself...

So how to wear my Dreyfuss, with one of my Marant's, ofcourse! (but he can cheat with other clothes as well, if all my Marants are in the laundry...)

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