Isabel Marant FF 2012

the highly acclaimed designer herself on the right
The Isabel Marant collection is the one I really looked out for of the Paris Fashion Week session. Marant's aesthetic is the kind that feels easiest and most natural to me: I know some women who have to fake the slouchy 'je ne sais quoi' look (by intentionally messing up their hair or clothes, some really immaculate women who try to be messy, it looks so cute but somewhat unnatural to them) but for me being slightly messy is something natural to me.  Marant's cool Parisian left-bank chic is almost like something I would have designed myself, if I could...

These 12 looks are my favourite of the 40...I notice that my only leather pants and my 5 leather skirts can still stay in my closet, good thing. Also, the combination of old pinkish hue and a brick red will be seen a lot...I will try this one soon with my burgundy Equipment blouse and old rose jeans soon (you can never be too trendsetting).

I also prefer the shoe section over the ones issued for SS 12: I like the ubertrendy wedged sneaker but not on me...I like a pump a lot better and the cowboy boot aesthetics feels like I have to save my cash for the real thing when the boots and shoes will be for sale. And I really fancy the black coat with the blue stitched patterns too.

(all pictures were borrowed from style.com)

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