Tie Dye Marant

Isabel Marant Tie-dye jeans...

Wearing them:

I thought the from top down picture would give some variety...

It reminds me of one of those quartet cardgames that is quite Dutch. Kwartetten (translated by me:) is a cardgame where one tries to sample groups of 4 cards (quartets) with similar themes, eg food, fashion etc. I haven't played it for a while but I think you can swap with the other player, asking: "Do you have MlleWanderlust Marant 1?". But anyway I don't do enough fashion photography to bring about a large file.

About the jeans: I actually was in love with them and waited for 4 days before purchase. I made some pictures with them & realised they were not flattering on me. I sound like a broken record but I returned them to Zolamanola again.

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