5 Things most fashionbloggers think are IT

Disclaimer: this post is slightly sarcastic with my lame idea of humour: ofcourse, irony stems from a feeling of rebellion agains the standard, but if you do those things I mention, don't feel offended I don't do them (or make slightly fun of it), It's just my lame ironic nature!

Not that it has been mentioned to me before, but I figured out I don't really look/behave/dress like the generic fashion-blogger. I have 5 reasons for that...I think I have more reasons, but I summed up the top 5 what lots of fashionbloggers do, but I don't...

1. Michael Kors watches

It's actually one of those things that I consider cute & a touch of tomboy on other girls, but I saw them in real life at the Dutch pseudo-elite department store (Bijenkorf) & I found them to be cast-offs of real luxury brands, such as Cartier, Rolex, or even similar priced Balmain. Brings me to Balmain that I really like his watches and the designer Rouseting is intensely attractive too. So I'll either go cheap and unknown, vintage, Balmain, or I'd really spend one day.

2. Excessive arm-parties

Too much dangling going on for me: I like a few, classic, thinner bracelets with a architectual element (so square instead of round, eg, this COS bracelet). I already get nervous of the *clinky*clanky* when wearing three at the same arm: two is ok, though.

3. Trichotillomania

Excessive hairtwirling: I really don't get it. I slightly do: it's flirting, right? But it seems like an obsessive compulsive disorder on some fashionbloggers that is not for the sake of flirting anymore but for the sake of spelling out "I'm a real fashion-blogger". As for flirting device: I find it nervous-looking and a bit of too fragile trying to be a little girl instead of a femme fatale: femme fatales apply lipstick; little girls twirl hairs. Did I mention it breaks of your hair like mad too?

source: here, but this is displayed on about 80% of female fashbloggers

4. 'The tilted Salad': 

I think Chiara coined that face and I find it difficult to read the body-language behind it. Is it "do you like me?"-face or the "don't mess with me or I'll hypnotise you with my gorgeous eyes"- face. I know it is 'fashionbloggers-standard' face right now but I don't get it...Similar as the hairtwirling.

I do like the original, Chiara, though: she made a trademark of herself by being one of the first and the most marketable in the field: that attracts copycats, ofcourse.

5. The "John Wayne"

'Clazzy' pose from Elena @ Denimology

I see these a lot on jeans-review blogs specifically...I think it is handy to show you how it looks from the backside, but some poses are just a bit too hardcore for me: I mean, legs spread? when would I stand around in the supermarket or in a shop like that (or work, not the kind of work I have). Or do these women have a horse-riding past, or such? So that one is for the men browsing around and not really for fashion-sake. I don't mind but why disguise it as fashion??? I think Elena from Denimology (above)  is the most caricature of all (here) but I honestly don't browse the jeanssites enough to really compare: I prefer jeans on a classier model.

Ok, not entirely a blogger (or she is these days) but she does 3 (ring party, 'tilted salad' & the twirly hair:

Ok, I actually did the 'tilted salad' in the Forest (G) post but I was thinking: "I hope this is standard enough?" or, "do I pass the convential fashionblogger test?". Not really spontanious to me and I feel it doesn't reach real fashion anymore that shouldn't be about rules.

That is why most women (& some men) I follow have a original edge that strike the fashion-cord without being too eager to belong to the 'fashionblogger'-tribe. I hope I can become as good as them :D

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