Spelled out...

Ph: Tripod . Suede (lasercut) Jacket Topshop, Skinnies: Topshop, Blouse: Acne, Wedges: Topshop
Outfit: same as above
I had this urban look in the beginning of this week before the heatwave struck Holland. It's somewhat less ladylike and is actually reminds me of last year's sporty vibe but it's a fun look for a day off. I kept the monochrome/sporty palette interesting and print-y (& SS 2012) by adding my Topshop lettered skinnies I got on sale this winter. I think you can DIY a jeans with your own lettering & doodling on jeans with a textile pen for a similar, but more personalised effect, eg like this Isabel Marant-lookalike here.

The black, suede, lasercut jacket is also Topshop from last year's summer collection. 2011 had a lot of back-detail jackets going on, "the fetish", whereas this year is all about "the lady"-> such contrast, good I'm not the only person schizo about fashion.

I got something with grammar and words: it probably has to do with having studied Literature at Uni. So, I got something slightly cheeky spelled out too...

Source: Sharkattack

I agree, good grammar is priceless and sophisticated but also easily available for everyone who knows the rules.


  1. hahaah this little card is so funny. The last line was so unexpected.

    I like how "lett'r pants" sounds like "leather" with an accent.

    Also love your little "white space for artistic effect" meta comment. This is such a cool blog - there's so much to look at visually, and I keep scrolling up to see if I've missed anything.

    Apologies if my grammar is miserable- I'm not a pro like you :)


  2. Oh my goodness those letter pants are the coolest thing I've seen all day!! Great outfit dear (:


  3. those pants are amazing!!!! I think I need a pair!

  4. Love your pants!! Are amazIng!!!