Friday Amsterdam

This weekend is going to be warm and summery in Amsterdam. There are a lot of events going on: Taste (a foodie festival), Amsterdam Open Air (techno etc) and Shoeless for a hippy feeling. The boats will get out on the canals and the wine bottles will cork open easily. 

For all fellow Dutchies, have fun this weekend. For anyone in good or even murky weather, have an excellent time as well ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ


Older, not so wise yet

Oh boy, I've been of this blog for such a long time I thought I would never write over here again. Still, I like to recap about my time as a fashionblogger and why I think I might be too old now... Or am I just be a tad insecure?
distance stripes in a meadow: how Mlle W!
  1. Too old for fashionblogging? Oh, there are so many good and quirky ages prancing around blogs these days. But do you really want to be seen as 'older' blogger?
  2. No more a slave to the gym: I still have a good physique with feminine hips and a thin waist but my 3 times hardcore gymwork has been diminished to a softer set of movement. My body looks softer too. Do I need my rockhard abs to get into that bodycon dress?
  3. I'm still an idiot! I guess my idiotic nature gotten me some blogviews in the first place. So many utterly gorgeous people on blogs that only get 2 comments, and my flawed self gotten 20 sometimes.
  4. I'm over most brands. I still feel a thing for Balenciaga but I'm not entirely about their bag-aesthetics yet: their studs need to become as good as they were in 2011! 
  5. I still depend on me! It's an older Destiny's Child song (Independent Woman), Beyonce's former girlsquad. I don't have a photographer and my own work is hilarious...
  6. I'm hair-insecure. Lots happened, I just wish my hair was gawwwjus and blogperfect.
  7. I'm still a narcissistic twat that likes to be seen. And that is a plus why I should go on blogging and doing the absurdly bad photography and poses ;-).


I've heard it through the Grapevine

I still had this promise of posting something, so there you go. This blog is for expressing my travel-lust so I think it's a part of liking to share as well.

And for the other small-town girls around, it is sometimes lonely when nobody recognizes your wonderful clothes. Mayby you guys will :). In my case I wore this Equipment dress, My Chloe mini Marcie, Greek-Sandals gladiators and my Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses.

I went to the South of France after two years and I stuck to the coast this time. This whimsical little grapevine vineyard has been the producer of a more elite wine being served at haute classe L'Orangerie at the St. Tropez coast: Chateau de Pamplonne.

Ramatuelle, the St. Tropez beach, was more casual than I expected. I'm slightly spoiled, though. I went to a couple of beach-etablissements, like the infamous Club 55: can you believe they charge you similar price on a seat at the front of the beach than Holland??? But Holland is weirdly expensive on it's space: try parking in Amsterdam under €5 for under an hour.  I'll write more on that soon enough :)